Intermedio Musical

Depeche Mode, precious

Precious – Depeche Mode

Precious and fragile things
Need special handling
My God what have we done to You?

We always try to share
The tenderest of care
Now look what we have put You through

Things get damaged
Things get broken
I thought we’d manage
But words left unspoken
Left us so brittle
There was so little left to give

Angels with silver wings
Shouldn’t know suffering
I wish I could take the pain for you

If God has a master plan
That only He understands
I hope it’s your eyes He’s seeing through

I pray you learn to trust
Have faith in both of us
And keep room in your hearts for two

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  1. Y que tal esta??


    We’re damaged people
    Drawn together
    By subtleties that we are not aware of
    Disturbed souls
    Playing out forever
    These games that we once thought we would be scared of

    When you’re in my arms
    The world makes sense
    There is no pretense
    And you’re crying
    When you’re by my side
    There is no defense
    I forget to sense
    I’m dying

    We’re damaged people
    Praying for something
    That doesn’t come from somewhere deep inside us
    Depraved souls
    Trusting in the one thing
    The one thing that this life has not denied us

    When I feel the warmth
    Of your very soul
    I forget I’m cold
    And crying
    When your lips touch mine
    And I lose control
    I forget I’m old
    And dying


  2. Y ESTA????

    En el Rodeo ‘e los Andes, comadre Lola
    Le pegaron sus puñetes al Guantón Loyola
    Le pegaron sus puñetes al Guantón Loyola
    Por dárselas de encachao’, comadre Lola
    Lo dejaron pa’ la Historia al Guantón Loyola
    En el rodeo ‘e los Andes, comadre Lola.

    Combo que se perdía lo recibía el Guatón Loyola
    Peleando con entereza bajo las mesas, comadre Lola.
    Combo que se perdía lo recibía el Guatón Loyola,
    bajo la mesa sí, como estropajo el Guatón Loyola
    el otro gallo arriba y el gordo abajo, comadre Lola
    Quedó como cacerola, comadre Lola, el Guatón Loyola. Subir

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